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LEGO Nexo Knights Season 1 Episode 9 Full Movie

The Book of Total Badness

Jestro and the Book of Monsters travel to the place where the evil wizard Monstrux did his evil deeds and find the Book of Destruction. Soon, Jestro brings out a whole lot of destructive monsters and split up in different directions. Macy scolded to her dad that she quits being a princess, but he disagrees and that she was born to be a princess. When the knights find out that monsters are attacking, Merlok 2.0 told them that they should go together, but they decided to split up; King Halbert hopes her daughter will come back. However, the knights get captured one by one, with no way to escape. When all the monsters were asleep, Aaron quietly escapes, being the only knight to save all his friends before Jestro attacks the castle of Knightonia. As Jestro’s forces close in on Knightonia, the Book of Monsters sends Beast Master to find a specific book that would increase his abilities.

LEGO Nexo Knights Season 1 Episode 9
Mar. 24, 2016
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